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Smarter Working: An Employee-Driven Approach

Journey4 is excited to announce that it has developed  a new Smarter Working Employee Survey for its clients. Designed in partnership with research and insights specialists The Buzzz, it will help businesses understand their employees’ feelings on working arrangements during lockdown and into the future.

We want to help businesses prepare for the ‘new norm’ when restrictions on movement are lifted and believe that things should not necessarily go back to as they were. Instead, some of the learnings and clear benefits from this period can be used to help transform future business models. These include increased productivity, improved communication and enhanced employee well-being experienced from working from home.

Our ‘Smarter Working’ initiative has been looking into this topic for some weeks, engaging people from a wide range of sectors and businesses to identify the challenges and opportunities to be addressed.

One of the key findings of this work is that everyone’s personal circumstances are different, meaning that businesses will need to adopt an employee-driven approach, rather than implementing one-size-fits-all solutions from the top down.

Leaders will need to understand individual needs and circumstances and find flexible solutions that work for different segments of the employee population to maintain an engaged and productive workforce. The ‘Smarter Working’ sessions identified that there are many complex, inter-connected issues to be considered and these should be evaluated on a structured basis.

The best ideas about effective working arrangements often come from the employees themselves.  Business leaders should have the confidence to ask their colleagues what they think will work best. This will also demonstrate to employees that they have a voice and are trusted to put forward their ideas.

We have developed a standard employee survey that we will offer to all clients. With their permission, we will combine the survey results into a larger sample and develop a segmentation model to identify the preferences of different employee groups

The interviews will assess employees’ views on working at home during lockdown:  what they have liked or found difficult about it, what would help them work at home more comfortably and how they would like to work under different future scenarios.

This survey can easily be repeated on a regular (e.g. quarterly, six-monthly) basis to track employee perceptions of future changes in circumstances.

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