Aligning Strategy with Customer Needs

We believe that transformation and growth strategies should be developed in a way that, whilst covering all the bases, can be simply summarised and communicated to relevant stakeholders and colleagues at all level of the organisation.

We work with leadership teams to develop compelling strategies and involve their colleagues in cascading and translating them into actionable and measurable plans to ensure the strategy comes to life and drives transformation and growth.

“Journey4 helped us to develop a compelling, customer-focused strategy for our bid, which served to unite the team and a create a winning service solution.”

Bid Director, Transport
Engage & Energise

We believe in involving leaders at all levels of the organisation in the strategy development process, from defining and refining the Vision, Mission and Values to developing the detailed objectives and behaviours required to deliver them.

Ensuring that people across the organisation understand what is expected of them and that they are clear that what they do has a clear link to the overall purpose of the organisation is key to gaining employee buy-in and improving service delivery and productivity. Our approach ensures that this link from organisational aims to team and individual performance is designed into the change process and maintained throughout, whilst also driving everything from the organisational design, to how people are developed to how products and services are managed.

Embed & Evaluate

The key success factors in developing a new strategy is when it becomes embedded as ‘business as usual’ and in this respect, the annual strategic review and business planning process is critical. We work with our clients to develop and facilitate these processes to ensure the organisation remains aligned and on track to achieve the Vision, Mission and Values.

Throughout the Engage, Energise and Embed phases we assess current performance, agree future measures of success, measure individual initiatives, introduce review, feedback and improvement mechanisms and develop ongoing measurement and monitoring systems.


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