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Adaptive Leadership

At present, organisations and their leaders have no option but to adapt to the evolving work climate and we believe that, whilst the pandemic has enforced a lot of these changes, there were underlying pressures for change that this situation has just accelerated.

In a more dynamic, technology-driven and inter-connected world, there is an ever increasing requirement for leaders to recognise and respond to changes in society quickly.

This need to move at pace is a reflection of business planning horizons having moved from years to months for many organisations. The focus for leaders now needs to be on finding new and better ways of making good, quick decisions, collectively leading change, encouraging innovation and empowering people.

Adaptive leadership can be achieved through a set of strategies and practices used to overcome obstacles, achieve meaningful change, and adapt to challenging and complex environments.

Our Adaptive Leadership service helps business leaders to assess themselves against the characteristics of Adaptive Leaders and to develop ways of working, individually and collectively, that give leaders and their colleagues the confidence to change and grow.