Delivering Sustainable Growth

We help our clients deliver transformation and growth that can be sustained in the long term. Driving this focus from the top via effective leadership and engaging people at all levels of the organisation is fundamental to achieving these outcomes. This improves employee satisfaction and empowers employees to drive further growth and innovation, embedding change in the organisation long after we leave the business.

“Journey4 brought clarity about the role of ‘Group’ and the areas in which there was to be absolute consistency and where there would be local interpretation. The transfer of knowledge has ensured that the ‘Abellio Way’ is still in use today, long after Journey4 had completed their work”

Managing Director, Abellio Ltd
Engage & Energise

We complete detailed assessments of the market, how it is segmented and its growth potential. We map all the essential core processes that the organisation relies upon to meet customer expectations, identifying the gaps in the ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ processes. We benchmark our client’s current performance against its competitors reviewing key financial, market, people and customer performance data, and develop a KPI dashboard for future tracking.

We seek to energise the business by identifying service and product improvement plans, driving growth in revenue, efficiency opportunities and increases in customer experience. These will influence areas such as sales targets, employee incentives, supply chain management and customer satisfaction measurement

Embed & Evaluate

Data and analysis informs the benefit realisation commitments, which we agree with all stakeholders. We monitor key financial performance data and report on variances to plan, identifying corrective actions. We help manage shareholders expectations through different communications channels, reporting on key financial and non-financial metrics, risks and market data.

Throughout the Engage, Energise and Embed phases we assess current performance, agree future measures of success, measure individual initiatives, introduce review, feedback and improvement mechanisms and develop ongoing measurement and monitoring systems.


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