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The Coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to operate differently under lockdown measures. UK business has learnt to adapt and change their business models to survive, but how do we adjust to new ways of working now that lockdown measures have eased?

How is Business embracing the “New Normal” after Lockdown?

Journey4 has undertaken exclusive research with businesses across a wide range of sectors around the UK to understand what their experiences have been during lockdown.

It has taken the learnings from this period to inform decisions on how to change business models in the future.

To help business leaders manage the transition to these new ways of working, we have developed a practical tool kit which can be deployed by managers and their teams.

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To help business leaders manage the transition to these new smarter ways of working, we have developed a range of services which can be deployed by managers and their teams.

Remobilisation Planning Service

As organisations prepare to reinstate efficient and manageable working practices which employees can feel are effective, they will need to re-mobilise operations post lockdown carefully as there could be risks to business performance if this isn’t planned and delivered successfully.

We help businesses ensure they review their processes to prepare for future extreme shocks like Covid-19.

Our Re-mobilization Planning Service includes:

  • Vision and strategy review
  • Risk management and business resilience/ continuity planning
  • People, Engagement and Culture audit
  • Re-mobilisation programme development.

Delivered in conjunction with The Natural Risk Company, these can be run online or face to face, as conditions dictate.

Smarter Working Employee Survey

Everyone’s personal circumstances are different, meaning that businesses need to adopt an employee-driven approach, rather than implementing one-size-fits-all solutions from the top down.

The employee survey will assess employees’ views on working at home during lockdown:  what they have liked or found difficult about it, what would help them work at home more comfortably and how they would like to work under different future scenarios. They can be repeated to track how perceptions change over time and circumstance.

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We welcome leaders, managers and team members from businesses across all sectors in the UK to share their experiences and learning from the lockdown in our new LinkedIn group. This is an open forum to connect and understand how your peers are adapting to the New Normal.  Come and join in the conversation!