Future Travel Behaviours

 Building Customer Confidence in Public Transport

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The Coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on our movement which has resulted in significantly reduced demand for public transport services across all modes. It is now becoming clear that these changes in travel behaviour are not likely to be just a short-term blip and that future travel behaviours will be significantly different.

How do we Build Customer Confidence in Public Transport after Lockdown?

Based on our considerable experience of the transport sector, and of understanding and changing customer behaviour in other public service sectors, Journey4 has set out its thoughts on the likely changes in future travel behaviour and how the public transport industry could respond to (re)build customer confidence.

Assessing Future Travel Behaviour Survey

In partnership with research and insight specialists The Buzzz, we have developed an employee survey which will help transport commissioners and operators understand the likely short-term demand for services.

This survey is designed to better understand likely user behaviour and confidence in the short-term (0-6 months) and responses to a couple of likely future scenarios over a 6 to 12-month horizon.

The survey will be of value to commissioners and operators of public transport services and utilises a ‘wisdom of crowds’ approach to provide a quick, cost-effective alternative to a full user survey with a similar degree of confidence in the findings.

This quick and cost-effective methodology can be easily repeated after 6 months to assess further likely changes in behaviour.