Engaging and Energising People

We believe that people are the greatest asset in any service business and that gaining their buy-in and empowering them to improve and innovate is the key to business performance and growth. Indeed, research shows that organisations with highly engaged employees significantly outperform other businesses in terms of their growth, profitability, customer satisfaction and employee advocacy.

We therefore place a lot of emphasis on employee engagement and involvement throughout the change process, working with leaders to reach employees at all levels of the organisation. We help leaders to involve and communicate with their colleagues and develop them, individually and collectively, to become more effective.

“Journey were able to get under the skin of our customer and employees to understand exactly what was going on at all levels of the organisation, to engage all stakeholders in focusing on improving the customer experience and involve them in designing and implementing the service transformation required.”

Transformation Director, National FM Business
Engage & Energise

We engage with employees through interviews, focus groups and surveys to gather insights into their perceptions of the organisation and its customers’ expectations. Often, customer-facing employees will be highly tuned into customer dissatisfaction and will have good ideas about how these can be addressed.

We utilise these insights to energise people to identify the changes that are required and to implement the necessary improvements. Facilitating cross-functional teams to identify and implement quick wins creates a lot of energy and, by gaining their buy-in to the process, ensures that these improvements made will be sustained long after we’re gone.

Embed & Evaluate

We ensure that, rather than creating a series of one-off improvement initiatives, we work with the organisation to embed this approach in the culture of the organisation. This involves developing key leaders to be demonstrate the appropriate leadership skills and behaviours and implementing the people systems and processes required to support them.

Throughout the Engage, Energise and Embed phases we assess current performance, agree future measures of success, measure individual initiatives, introduce review, feedback and improvement mechanisms and develop ongoing measurement and monitoring systems.


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