Meeting Customer Expectations

We help our clients deliver growth that can be sustained in the long term. We achieve successful outcomes by focussing on the customer, which in practice means understanding customer expectations and ensuring that the customer experience meets these expectations.

Our approach helps clients achieve their potential, meet their customers’ expectations, engage and motivate their people, gain an advantage over competitors and implement effective change to develop long term profitable growth.

“Journey worked with me and the Exec Team helping us to understand the customer experience and how it could be improved, working with our key client to agree this change as part of a major contract renegotiation.”

Managing Director, Romec Ltd
Engage & Energise

We engage with your customers through interviews, focus groups and surveys to gather customer insights to help identify the ‘gap’ between the customer experience and their expectations. Our customer journey mapping process helps to identify areas for improvements and initial recommendations. During the engagement phase, we can review the brand awareness and positioning and develop a customer insights report to clarify customer perceptions on the business.

We use these customer insights to energise people across the business to focus on improving customer experience. This includes facilitating project teams to identify and implement quick wins, creating 4 day, 4 week and 4-month customer service improvement plans to stimulate change. We can also undertake a detailed market analysis and review of products and services, to review positioning and support marketing strategy development and sales planning.

Embed & Evaluate

We develop continuous improvement plans to embed the changes made to the customer experience. This includes reviewing the alignment of all key systems and processes with customer needs and recommending re-alignment where necessary, as well as developing appropriate, customer-focused measurement systems.

Throughout the Engage, Energise and Embed phases we assess current performance, agree future measures of success, measure individual initiatives, introduce review, feedback and improvement mechanisms and develop ongoing measurement and monitoring systems.


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