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Customer and Employee

We help our clients achieve successful outcomes by focussing on customer expectations and your employee experience. Our suite of customer and employee experience services will provide the insight required to inform improvement plans and improve performance.

Customer Experience Programmes

Understanding your customers enough to put them at the heart of your organisation is a key element in delivering sustainable growth. Using insight to make changes to your internal practices is then reflected through customers’ satisfaction rates and positive experience.

  • Stay a customer for longer as they are loyal to your business.
  • Are less price-sensitive.
  • Complain less, making them less expensive to maintain.
  • Are more likely to buy additional services from your brand.
  • Will recommend you to their friends and families.
  • Understand the extent to which you meet customer’s needs, delight them and gain their loyalty.
  • Recognise how consistent service levels are across all areas of your business.
  • Benchmark your results against other organisations.
  • Identify any areas of dissatisfaction so you can take remedial action.
  • Develop a clear action plan designed to put customers at the heart of your business.
  • Tailored questionnaires sent to your customers.
  • Analysis of key customer segments and personas, with specific questionnaires for each segment if required.
  • An independently verified Net Promoter® score to assess customer loyalty and identify the reasons why they will (or won’t) recommend you to others.
  • A full presentation and report highlighting the core results and key actions to take.

Employee Experience Programmes

Your people are the key to your success. A much overlooked area of business growth is how employees engage with their company. We’ll team up with you to develop long term relationships with your employees, seek their input to improvement plans and to embed change.

We will also help you understand the gap between what your customers experience and what your employees perceive is the experience that they give to customers. Understanding that gap and delivering strategies that close the gap can have an significant impact on performance.

  • The key components of customer experience
  • The importance of customer retention
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Barriers to make it easy for customers to do business
  • Senior leader’s expectations
  • Tailored questionnaires sent to all employees and senior managers.
  • Analysis of key employee groups, with specific questionnaires for each segment if required.
  • An independently verified Employee Net Promoter® score to assess the extent of employee loyalty and the reasons why they will (or won’t) recommend you as a great place to work.
  • A full presentation and report highlighting key findings and improvement plan.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Creating a Customer Experience Journey Map is a core part of producing an effective Customer Experience strategy, but developing a consistently smooth customer journey map and end experience is no mean feat.

Even when customer journeys have been documented, many organisations fail to put the journeys to work and truly activate the power they can hold.

We are dedicated to helping your business achieve the best customer experience possible. Through using our unique methodology, we can advise and guide your business to achieve success, by analysing all customer, employee and senior management feedback. This allows us to get an insight into what drives successful customer experiences and where in particular along the journey, there is room for improvement.

  • We will deliver an independent perspective, which enables you to truly look at your company from the outside, as well as free up valuable internal resources.
  • We will work with you and your team, to map the journey from start to finish, and guide you on how to put the journeys to use internally.

Customer Experience Maturity Modelling (CXMM)

With many organisations already committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience programme, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and review the effectiveness of what you’re doing.

  • What role do customers play in our business?
  • Do we always think ‘customer first’?
  • Are we organised to deliver remarkable experiences?
  • Do we measure and reward customer centricity?
  • Do we invest sufficient time and money on our CX programmes?
  • Do we meet customer needs where and when they want them?
  • Do we recruit and train the right people?
  • Interviews with key stakeholders within your organisation.
  • Audit of CX and EE measurements.
  • Analysis of the external perception of your customer centricity.

Voice of the Customer Programmes

Getting regular customer feedback is key to running an effective business. A managed CX programme will gather voice of the customer data and key CX metrics after each stage of the customer journey and deliver them direct to the desktop of the people who need the information most.

  • Identify and map customer journeys, tailored to individual personas or segments
  • Design and test surveys at each key touchpoint
  • Identify the best way to capture data (including email; QR codes; telephone feedback etc)
  • Train key staff
  • Design and implement dashboards
  • Development and management of an-ongoing programme
  • Set up of dashboards for designated stakeholders
  • Monthly analysis and reporting
  • On-going support and guidance


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