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New steam for the mainline

Journey4 have completed an organisation review on behalf of the trustees for the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust.

The Trust had identified the need for an objective review of the organisation with recommendations on how it should be organised to be fit for the next 10 years. The Trust has built an A1 steam locomotive, (Tornado) which it now operates on the mainline. It is currently building a second engine, Prince of Wales which will be ready for launch in 2024/5.  A third engine build (V4) is also in plan.

Richard Courteney-Harris, Trustee commented; “a huge vote of thanks to Journey4 for the excellent work you completed on our behalf. The project has enabled a very powerful launchpad for A1SLT and I personally have learnt much during this process”.

Stuart Pearce, Director at Journey4 commented; “The organisation has grown organically for more than 30 years and have achieved so much in that time. Their success has led them to review the organisation and set plans for the future, delivering their vision for new steam for the mainline”.

The Trust has grown significantly in size, financial standing and stature since its inception. It is now at a stage of growth where, in 2024, the Trust will have moved away from its original vision to build and operate one engine on the mainline to a place where it will have two engines operating simultaneously on the mainline with a third engine potentially in production.