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Looking to the future with customers at the forefront

Journey4 has been appointed by Northern Trains to lead the development of short, medium, and long strategy to deliver their business objectives.

Journey 4 has been appointed to work on a vision for the future, to develop a business plan looking at short, medium, and long-term business objectives, based on our parallel planning model.

Joureny4 has introduced a customer driven model ­organising strategy development to really put the customer at the heart of planning and position a suite of strategies that the organisation needed to develop to drive better customer outputs. 

Jonathan Booth, Jounrey4 Director commented that “We have encouraged the business to think about short, medium, and long-term activities in parallel. On average senior leadership teams should be spending 70 per cent of their time on short-term priorities, 20 per cent on the medium-term and 10 per cent on the long-term. The more you do that, the more you will get transformational change.”

As part of its transformation Northern has created a steering group of senior leaders to work on the business plan and strategies which Journey4 has worked with to build the capability of the team to be more strategic.

Nick Donavan, Managing Director added: “For me it has been critical to look at the long-term outputs and looking to unpack some of the processes that need changing to make our operation more customer focussed and more efficient. We need the customers and non-travellers to be talking positively about rail as if they are not, it is inevitable that the revenue line will be suppressed and the only place a suppressed revenue line ends up is in the taxpayers’ pocket.”

“I think we can get to a place where the quality of Northern’s strategic planning is continuing to be acknowledged, recognised, and held up as best practice, and I think in doing that we can add some real value to the industry and the evolution of the industry in the months and years ahead.”