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The 4 E’s

We recognise that every client is different. We bring experience gained from having been there ourselves. We engage with all key stakeholders in understanding the need for change and develop the strategy that will deliver growth. Our unique 4E’s change and transformation model, guides the delivery of our services and underpins our organisational development approach. We manage change ‘with you’ rather than do change ‘to you’ ensuring that improvements are embedded long after we have completed our work.

Diagram of the 4 E's Model
Diagram of the 4 E's Model


We believe that people are the greatest asset in any service business and that gaining their commitment and empowering them to improve and innovate is the key to business performance and growth.

Indeed, research shows that organisations with highly engaged employees significantly outperform other businesses in terms of their growth, profitability, customer experience and employee satisfaction.

We therefore place a lot of emphasis on employee engagement and involvement throughout the change process, working with the business at all levels of the organisation, rather than doing change to the business. We help leaders involve and communicate with their colleagues and develop them, individually and collectively, to become more effective.


We don’t know your business as well as you do and no one knows the business better than the people delivering the services to your customers.

The best ideas for transforming your service and performance often come from your people and enormous energy and buy-in to the need for change can be harnessed through implementing service improvement plans based on those ideas.

Throughout the Energise phase we work with your operational teams, rather than act as a standalone transformation resource, and drive a programme of improvement initiatives with them to build momentum in the business for long term sustainable change.


Ensuring that the service improvements are long lasting and sustainable, long after we have finished our work, requires the changes to be embedded throughout the organisation.

The majority of change initiatives fail because businesses don’t see them through to ensure they are fully embedded and people return to old ways once the focus has moved on from their area.

To avoid this, we ensure changes are fully embedded and aligned across the organisation through the culture of the employees to the systems and processes that support them. We also embed a culture of continuous improvement to recognise the benefit of incremental change to further improve and finesse the service after the conclusion of the transformation programme.


Throughout the transformation process we evaluate the key measures of success and put a process in place for regularly reviewing and monitoring at each stage to ensure that objectives are being meet, performance targets are delivered and that new processes are being adhered too.

This process of evaluation ensures that change becomes embedded throughout the organisation and that success can be measured and tracked against the original business strategy and goals.

We measure growth against many criteria including revenue, profitability, customer experience, and employee engagement.


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