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Growth and Transformation Group

Journey4 are proud to be a founder member of the ‘Growth and Transformation Group’ a network of professional service providers in the south west region, aimed at supporting businesses engaged on the Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear build project in Somerset. The Group is focused on helping businesses deliver growth and thrive during periods of unprecedented change, helping them transform and meet the challenges of the future. The Group is able to support Tier1 contractors and their sub-contractors as well as the new commercial partnerships established to deliver services to HPC.

Stuart Pearce, Director of Journey4, says “We have been discussing the needs of Tier1 contractors and the new commercial partnerships with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and the Hinkley Point Supply Chain Team, raising awareness of the quality of local providers in the region. We want to be able to demonstrate the depth of experience available in the region and are delighted to be part of this group and collaborating with our partners.”