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Employee Relationship Management

In partnership with Warwick Business School, Journey4 have concluded its initial research into the improving the long-term benefits of employee engagement

Journey4 have completed research in partnership with the Warwick Business School into developing a new approach to employee engagement. Current models of employee engagement have been criticised for being too organisationally biased and should be more employee focused. 

Journey4 sponsored a consultancy project with the full time MBA programme, centred around developing long term relationships with employees and developing processes and systems that allow organisations to manage and develop relationships using principles established in customer relationship management (CRM) models. We have completed a period of ‘Discovery’ including desk top research and structured interviews and have developed a service design in readiness for a pilot in the new year.

Our thanks to Gabriella Murillo-Alencaster, a member of the full-time MBA programme, who led the research with support from her academic supervisor and MBA programme office. 

The research was led by David Evans at Journey4 who commented; “There is evidence that traditional employee engagement strategies fail to deliver change over the long term. Developing more personalised relationships with you people is at the heart of more meaningful change that benefits both your people and the organisation. We have been looking at ways to systemise the processes so that it can be implemented across organisations.”