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Developing Heathrow Express Commercial Strategy

Heathrow Express (HEx) provides surface access between London Heathrow Airport, (HA) and Paddington and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heathrow Airport. Journey4 was invited to work with the Commercial Team and the development of a Commercial Strategy to help HEx meet the challenges of recent changes to the business model and to grow passenger volumes.

HEx was launched in 1998 and operates 150 services, carrying an average of 17,000 passengers daily. The levels of service provided are the best in the rail sector, achieving 96% passenger satisfaction levels and 93% punctuality and reliability. The business has over 500 employees and generates an annual turnover of approximately £130m.

HEx is an integral part of Heathrow Airport and its long term aim to increase the use of public transport to more than 50% by 2030. As part of the Airports overall surface access strategy it competes for passengers alongside cars, taxis and other rail services including Cross-Rail and London Underground.

Through a series of workshops we reviewed and developed the Mission, Vision and Objectives for the business and aligned these with Heathrow’s long term aims and objectives, before completing a detailed plan ensuring alignment between each department across HEx. The strategy was then presented in a road map to the Surface Access Team at Heathrow and its Executive before cascading to all staff.

Mike Hodson, HEx  Non-Executive Director commented; “I think this is a thorough piece of work and can in fact form the heart of the business strategy with specific plans in marketing, operation and engineering etc. geared for delivery