Public Sector Outsourcing

Service Transformation, Business Planning and Leadership Development

Growth needs assessment

Over the last 10 years, we have supported Serco with bids and contracts in the transport, health and justice and immigration sectors. In all these instances, we have been asked to consider how the service could be transformed in a way that improves the end-user experience, becomes more effective and efficient to operate and provides value for money for the taxpayer. We have worked alongside bid and mobilisation teams and alongside the leadership teams of live contracts to address this challenge, often being responsible for developing a customer-driven strategy and solution.

Alongside our role developing winning strategies with the leadership teams, we have provided advice and support on leadership, organizational design, employee engagement, service improvement and cultural change.

“Journey4 have supported our bids for and operation of several public sector contracts and have provided a range of services, all focused on transforming the target organisation to deliver improved customer experience. Their professionalism and expertise has always been appreciated and has added significantly to our service offer.”

Business Development Director, Serco
Customer led growth strategy

On each contract, we have worked with key stakeholders to develop a new, compelling vision for the operation that would set the long-term agenda for its transformation and be equally engaging for customers, employees and other stakeholders. Our approach throughout has been to shift the focus from (just) running an operation to providing an essential service to the end users and the public, which in most cases is a transformational shift in itself.

We have supported the leadership teams to ensure they are ready to lead change and worked with them to plan, develop and implement appropriate change programmes to change the focus, improve the service and, ultimately, to embed a customer-focused culture.

In doing this we have developed bid and business strategies, written business plans and change programmes, coached leadership teams and been involved hands-on implementing service transformation.

What was the Impact of our work?

We have worked with Serco on five major bids, two contract mobilisations and two live operations and, in doing so, have developed strategies and approaches that have been successful in their own right and adopted as best practice on other bids and contracts across Serco.

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