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Healthcare | Measuring employee experience

Growth Needs Assessment

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT) is one of the biggest NHS trusts in the country, with over 14,000 employees working across seven hospital sites. Journey4 were instructed by the LTHT to help them deliver their ‘Vision’ of a hospital of choice for patients and staff.  

The LTHT Executive wished to create the conditions to support a positive patient experience that met patient expectations.

Our Approach

We started by defining and measuring how employee experience impacted on customer (patient) experience as part of their vision to create a hospital of choice for patients and staff. Along with our research and insight partner, The Buzzz, we developed the TeamServTM methodology to evaluate the impact of employee experience on the patient experience and to identify and prioritise areas for service improvement.

Set within the overall context of improving both patient and employee experience we developed ‘TeamServ’ to understand the alignment of employee experience with the patient expectations. We used this approach to identify the service gaps which we then prioritised service improvements and areas of misalignment within the employees.

Our prioritisation was based on the relative importance of the ‘service gap’ to the patient. The evidence collected via the ‘TeamServ’ methodology allowed us to map the areas of the patient journey against patient priority and the level of awareness of that issue by the employees. 

This identified those issues that were not recognised by the employee that had the greatest impact on patient experience. This in turn helped to prioritise service interventions and training requirements.

Impact of our work

We integrated TeamServTM along with our unique measure of patient experience called ‘PatientServ’ to define how employee experience impacted on customer experience leading to improvements in both patient (customer) and employee experience. This fed into the overall strategic goal to create a hospital of choice for patients and staff and demonstrably improved the net promotor score used to measure patient experience.