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Ready, Strengthen, Grow

Utilities | Strategy and transformation

Growth Needs Assessment

Amey Utilities are a leading utilities service provider with more than 20,000 employees. They were seeking to identify short-term priorities to optimise in year performance, whilst identifying medium term plans for further improvements and efficiencies. They also wanted to identify longer-term growth plans and forecast, and the key activities required to achieve growth.

Journey 4 was contracted to work with Amey Utilities on the development and implementation of their 5-year strategy, facilitating the development of a long-term transformation plan known as ‘Ready, Strengthen and Grow’. 

Our Approach

Following a period of engagement with the top 50 managers, Journey4 translated the improvement ideas into four workstreams, client relationships, operational delivery, people and culture and financial and commercial performance, and designed an improvement programme.  

An organisational review was completed to position Amey Utilities to improve performance and put the building blocks in place for a shift to growth over the plan period. In line with this, the systems and business processes were designed to improve client relationships whilst also reducing manual tasks, process failures and rework to reduce cost.

The programme created a clear vision for the Utilities Division, a new operating model to achieve this vision, significant system and process improvements and enhanced employee engagement, and communication across the business.

Impact of our work

During the strategy development process, we delivered the following:

  • Business plan development – preparing a detailed 5-year business plan 
  • Programme – coordinating the development and implementation of the strategy 
  • Communications – ensuring all Utilities division employees are engaged 

We tracked and measured benefits of the programme to ensure that they were realised to ensure effectiveness. We identified both short term and longer-term cost savings, identifying more than £7m in short term cost reductions (in-year) which amounted to more than £11m annualised cost savings. 

In addition, we researched insights from customer feedback and implemented a review of client relationships. We then designed and implemented new account plans for a sample of key clients which identified new revenue opportunities. The key client relationship workstream also improved engagement from senior members of the team, unlocking areas of innovation and improvement that would have significant benefit to future revenue opportunities.