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Preparing London Underground for the London Olympics

Transport | Business prioritisation and planning

Growth Needs Assessment

In preparation for the London Olympics in 2012, London Underground were considering significant reductions in running costs and major infrastructure development projects designed to improve operational performance in time for the Games.

Journey4 worked with the HR Director and her senior team at London Underground, (LUL) to develop a cultural strategy for the organisation to support the transformation of service delivery at a time of major change and capital investment. 

Our Approach

It was clear that given these challenges, there would need to be a re-prioritisation of effort and a clear focus on the things that really mattered. Using our established Connected CulturesTM methodology we facilitated a review of the existing LUL vision and strategy with the leadership team followed by a strategic review of business priorities.

Impact of our work

As a result, the team were able to rationalise over 350 projects into five strategic areas within which there were a maximum of five agreed priorities for the following three-year period. This process led to the rationalisation of some existing projects, the postponement of others and even a few being cancelled. 

Journey4 also worked with the leadership team to design a cascade methodology that enabled them to review these revised priorities with their respective management teams and to identify the work they would have to now do to support them.