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Operational Strategy Development

Transport | Customer visualisation

Growth Needs Assessment

Network Rail Southern region were seeking to create a medium and long-term planning framework which provides context for investment and operational decisions. This was to be aligned with the known and emerging “direction of travel” for industry wide strategic goals – including those currently adopted by Network Rail, train operators and the requirements of the Williams-Shapps White Paper. The framework would also provide a baseline for development of inputs to the next round of infrastructure planning requirements.

Journey4 were appointed to visualise what success for the business could (and should) look like in the medium (2035) and long-term future (2050). This articulation would lead to the creation of a framework for the Operational Concept, with key success criteria identified – a blueprint which defines how the business works to deliver its committed outputs.

Our Approach

We engaged the senior leadership team and wider management team in “stepping out into the future” and articulating, in a structured way, their view of what the future context for their business could be in terms which are helpful to them in defining the future focus for the strategy.

It blended customer insights from a variety of sources and mega trends in society to create an initial visualisation which was used to engage with wider internal and external stakeholders to develop an on-going conversation which, over time, can become richer in both its depth and breadth. This combined 1-1 interviews, workshops, design brief and wider consultation.

Impact of our work

The outputs of our work included a future worlds scenario and visualisation, leading to identifying the implications for railways. This provided a foundation for the development of strategic ambitions and a guiding ‘North Star’ for the organisation.

We identified future user needs and the functional and system capability required to deliver them. The resultant user needs provided customer centricity for the railway, which are met by defining the future operating model. Finally, we developed a framework for the Operations Strategy development.