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Health Improvement Strategy

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Growth Needs Assessment

NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, Strategic Health Authority were seeking to influence and change health behaviours in the areas that had the highest impact on the NHS, (smoking, alcohol abuse, mental health, A&E misuse, etc). 

Journey4 were appointed by the Director of Communications to support a public engagement strategy and plan utilising social media and other channels.

Our Approach

We set up and managed the engagement programme, which included overall programme governance, establishing and implementing a project methodology and project managing seven health improvement projects.

The project methodology that we developed for this project was considered innovative and ground breaking, because we focused on changing NHS practitioner behaviours as well as patient behaviours. We did this through improving practitioner understanding of customers and how to engage and work with them, rather than just telling them to get healthier.

The impact of our work

The National Social Marketing Centre and Chartered Marketing Association subsequently adopted our project methodology as best practice and an exemplar for future projects.

The seven health improvement projects all delivered tangible health improvements, with an 81% increase in the early detection of lung cancer in Doncaster being just one example.

The programme also helped raise awareness of the health behaviours which had the biggest impact on the NHS in the region. It enabled collaboration between NHS Trusts in the region and general practitioners and other stakeholders. It led to pioneering research in to measuring Patient Experience and for cultural transformation projects in specific hospital trusts in the region.