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European Passenger Transport Strategic Planning

Transport | Creating the ‘Abellio Way’

Growth Needs Assessment

Abellio is a leading European passenger transport service provider operating rail and bus services in the UK. A desire to grow the business and expand across Europe created both the opportunity to review the business model and the need to ensure that there was a consistent approach across the Group.

Journey4 brought clarity about the role of ‘Group’ and the areas in which there was to be absolute consistency and where there would be local interpretation. The transfer of knowledge has ensured that the ‘Abellio Way’ is still in use today, long after Journey4 had completed their work.

Managing Director, Abellio Ltd

Customer Driven Strategy

Journey4 were initially asked to advise the Abellio Group leadership team on how to develop a consistent approach to organisational planning across the Group. Following our initial recommendations and Abellio’s adoption of our Connected CulturesTM framework, we were asked to facilitate the development of this framework at Group level and to effectively create ‘the Abellio Way’ for developing and managing the various operating companies within the Group.

We also worked with the team to ensure that this framework could be mapped onto the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model to provide a mechanism for continuously improving performance and to deliver consistent high quality and customer service across all operations.

The core components of the Group model developed were: the Group ambition, vision and mission; a values, beliefs and behaviours framework and the strategy and planning framework to be used for cascading the vision and values to all levels of the group to ensure alignment.

What was the impact of our work

Once the desired Group business model was agreed, we produced ‘the Abellio Way’ manual which documented the core components of the model, along with the key business processes that would be required to support this new approach, (including the leadership model, the strategic planning process, the key performance indicators dashboard and core HR processes).

The ‘Abellio Way’ delivered a consistent approach to business planning and operations across a rapidly expanding group of companies and put in place a tried and tested framework to support the bidding of new bus and rail contracts along with, critically, evidence of its effectiveness.