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Driving improvement to customer experience

Utilities | Service Transformation

Growth needs assessment

Amey is a leading supplier of consulting and infrastructure support services both in the UK and internationally that has five divisions. Journey4 was invited to work with its Utilities division on the transformation of the Severn Trent contract to prepare it for the next Asset Management Period (AMP) regulatory period, Amp7.

Journey4 understood from the outset that the regulator, Ofwat, had set out four themes to guide their approach to Amp7, (resilience, customer service, affordability, vulnerability, and innovation) and that for a service provider such as Amey, customer focus would be the key to transforming the business to be fit for the future.

“On behalf of the entire Amey Severn Trent team I want to thank you for all of your effort, support and guidance in your time with Amey Severn Trent. It has been a challenging time for us, but you have helped us transform the business and kept us on the path to success in Amp7.”

Business Director, Amey Utilities

Our approach

Following an initial period of analysis, we were asked to design and implement a transformation programme across three parallel workstreams, Customer Experience, Performance Improvement and People, Engagement and Culture.

Across these workstreams, we worked with the Amey teams to translate the improvement ideas that had been generated into 46 specific projects that we facilitated the delivery of. We established a PMO function to coordinate the programme and led some key projects whilst supporting the development of others.

The way in which we approached the implementation process, working with the Amey business and in partnership with Severn Trent, was critical in determining the success of the various projects and to the business taking ownership of the revised operating model, systems and processes. In line with this, the system and process improvements were designed to improve customer experience primarily, (effectiveness) whilst also reducing manual tasks, process failures and rework to reduce cost, (efficiency).

Impact of our work

The transformation programme delivered in-year savings of £1m and a projected financial benefit of almost £5m over the remainder of the contract period. The programme also created a new brand identify for Amey’s Severn Trent contract, a clear vision for the Amp7 regulatory period, a new operating model to achieve this vision, significant system and process improvements and enhanced employee engagement, involvement and communication across the business.