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Customer Insight Survey

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Growth Needs Assessment

Rail Delivery Group, (RDG) is the British rail industry membership body that brings together passenger and freight rail companies, Network Rail and High Speed 2. RDG has been working alongside Great British Railways, (GBRTT) to design the new railway system for Great Britain in response to the Williams-Shapps White Paper, published in 2021.

As part of a commitment to develop a more customer-focused railway, there was a desire to create a new, single customer insight survey for the industry to take the best of the previous Wavelength, (operated by RDG) and National Rail Passenger Surveys, (operated by Transport Focus).

Journey4 were asked by RDG to create and manage a programme to coordinate the design, specification, procurement and delivery of the new survey to meet the needs of all industry stakeholders.

Our Approach

We created a programme team building on the existing governance processes established by RDG for the Wavelength Programme and ensure that all stakeholders, (DfT, GBRTT, RDG, Network Rail and Train Owning Groups) we properly represented. Once a commitment to the new survey had been agreed amongst these surveys, which required us to facilitate many multilateral and bi-lateral discussions, and DfT had agreed to procure and fund the new survey, we established Technical and Procurement Groups to work through the detail and report into the established programme Strategy Group so there was full visibility and agreement of the process and specification.

We established a detailed programme plan and provided regular reports to track progress, highlighting any risks as they emerged and developing plans to mitigate them. 

Impact of our work

Building a consensus across the different stakeholder groups, several of whom had previously been pursuing separate agendas, and gaining commitment to establishing a new, single customer insight survey for the industry was a major achievement and the programme is now on track to deliver on time.

Whilst the new survey was being developed, we established an Insight Hub to share customer insight across the industry, which included a forum for rail Heads of Insight to share best practice and a portal to capture and share customer research.