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Capital Works Mobilisation

Utilities | Mobilisation, Transition and Transformation

Growth Needs Assessment

Journey4 were asked to mobilise a new £50m major capital works programme on behalf of Amey Utilities on the Severn Trent clean and wastewater network. We designed and implemented the transition to and transformation of the new contract. The scope of the contract covered the following areas:

  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of financial performance and forecasting
  • Increase efficiency in the processes for accepting work and implement appropriate controls
  • Implement an organisation model supported by an effective work and resource programme 
  • Build an account management plan to satisfy the requirements of the Framework Agreement
  • Develop plans for the provision of supporting services and resources 

Our Approach

Throughout the project we challenged existing ways of managing large complex capital programmes. We specifically looked at the long-term relationship with Severn Trent and the whole supply chain ecosystem. We believed that a more collaborative approach would result in more cost effectiveness and deliver additional value over the Amp7 period.

The operational planning and improvements impacted teams across the whole organisation and included detailed forecasting and planning for a complex programme of capital works, diversions and requisitions and developer services. Our services included the development and review of policy across the operations, customer service and commercial capital teams.

We designed a new organisation structure to transition to a new operating model and deliver outstanding performance in the first year of the new contract. In line with this, the systems and business processes were designed to improve customer experience, (effectiveness) whilst also reducing manual tasks, process failures and rework to reduce cost, (efficiency).

Throughout the MTT programme we managed risk and compliance and maintained a risk register and identified solutions to mitigate risks. We applied our governance and programme management systems and processes to manage changes to the scope and track the cost implication of these. 

Impact of our work

  • We were able to identify areas of poor cost control, change control and forecasting in the commercial team to help set up Amp7 for success.
  • We developed a new customer-driven model for Developer Services and worked collaboratively with Severn Trent to implement an exemplar for a managing Developer Services. More than £25m additional revenue was identified in the Developer Services area.
  • We re-modelled the workforce capacity in line with Severn Trent’s work order forecasts. We redesigned the client’s organisational model and identified headcount efficiencies.
  • We completed a detailed assessment of the supply chain and commenced a new engagement model that was collaborative.