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Brexit Readiness

Government | Customer engagement and supply chain readiness

Growth Needs Assessment

Journey4 was part of the Harmonic consortium providing general management consultancy support for the delivery of Brexit Readiness programmes on behalf of The Cabinet Office. Specifically, this included Organisational Development, Change Management and Project Delivery.

The Consortium was appointed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to advise the UK fisheries sector on preparing for Brexit. Journey4 led the project to engage with fisherman around the uk ports and quays to provide guidance and documentation required to ensure business continuity post Brexit.

Our Approach

Working closely with DEFRA we coordinated sessions / townhalls / workshops directly with fishermen, seafood traders and exporters.

We designed materials that providing links, guidance and documentation on behalf of Defra to coastal communities. 

We provided ongoing feedback to DEFRA with live intelligence from the quayside at different locations around England and Wales.

Impact of our work

We enabled DEFRA to quickly mobilise a comprehensive engagement strategy, directly with fisherman, seafood traders and exporters on the quayside, addressing concerns about the impact of Brexit on their business.

We facilitated the development of comprehensive guidance and documentation that could be updated to reflect the ongoing negotiations with the EU on the details of the exit.