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Bid Strategy

Transport | Strategic Alignment

Growth Needs Assessment

Having previously supported MTR Corporation, an international public transport company, with the bid for the ScotRail franchise, we were asked to support their bid for the Wales and Borders rail franchise. This as a complicated bid that involved both the train operation and infrastructure development, with the construction of new rail lines in included in the requirement.

Following an initial period of workstream analysis and initial solution development, we were asked by the Bid Director to help the bid team to create a unified and aligned bid strategy.

Our Approach

We facilitated workshops with the bid team to help them create a clear vision for their proposed solution and a framework for how the bid submission should be structured. This resulted in the development of a storyboard that the bid submission was built around.

Impact of our work

The bid solution was repositioned as a result of the strategy development and alignment exercise and the bid workstreams realigned in a way that was subsequently approved by the MTR Exec Team.