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Benchmarking Marine Surveyors Reward

Transport | Reward benchmarking in the Maritime sector

Growth Needs Assessment

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (DfT). The MCA is responsible throughout the UK for implementing and developing the UK Government’s maritime safety and environmental protection policy.  

In July 2015, to inform an internal Survey & Inspection regime Transformation Programme, the MCA commissioned a bespoke study which examined the external pay landscape for Marine Surveyors in the UK. In addition, the study also looked at wider benefits, the nature of the work completed, and the working patterns associated with the roles. This work was replicated in November 2019 to evaluate any movement in the external market.

The MCA wanted to repeat this work to provide a robust basis for future positioning and decision making and appointed Journey4 to repeat studies conducted in 2015 and 2019 utilising, if possible or as close to, identical research parameters.

HR Pay and Reward Lead, Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Our approach

We completed a 5 stage approach to reward benchmarking starting with a market data study researching credible job boards, professional networking sites and employer salary surveys. Given the specialist nature of the roles, we also commissioned a bespoke salary benchmarking report from a leading commercial reward database.

In addition to the market data the MCA wanted to engage with and survey organisations with similar surveyor roles. We worked with MCA to identify comparator organisations and build participant engagement. We developed a stakeholder engagement plan, alongside a multi-channel communication plan. We approached more than 50 organisations to provide a meaningful data set, offering the incentive of a copy of the findings to encourage a higher response rate.

We reviewed the existing survey and made recommendations for improvements to increase response rates, considering length of survey, sign posting, branding and GDPR compliance. The final stage was a detailed analysis of the reward benchmarking data and presenting the findings supported with a report that could be shared with participating organisations.

Impact of our work

The benchmarking process provided a very close comparison with previous studies providing an evidence based approach to future positioning and decision making.

Throughout the project we created close working relationships with HR colleagues and other key stakeholders in the organisation, including business operations. Throughout the process we focused on skills transfer to help build the capability within the HR team and left the client with copies of the survey and comparator organisations, so that they can repeat the benchmarking in the future.