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All Together Better

Utilities | Culture Change

Growth Needs Assessment

Augean plc is the sector leader in modernising hazardous waste management practice providing sustainable waste management solutions. Following a period of steady growth, it had become clear to the leadership team that the five separate business units within Augean were operating too much in isolation of each other and that there were significant growth opportunities through improved collaboration. To maximise these opportunities, there was a need to create a unified culture that would bring people closer together across the business units and Journey4 were therefore asked to develop a culture change programme to achieve this goal.

Our Approach

We worked with the leadership team to understand and clarify their vision and strategy for the business and its culture and, particularly how to balance the service, safety and profit dynamic in a business that had naturally a strong safety culture.

We then established a People Engagement and Culture (PEC) working group, made up from people across the business units, in different roles and at different levels. The working group developed a programme of behavioural and cultural change initiatives branded ‘All Together Better’. We facilitated this group for over 12 months, culminating on the launch of the culture programme and a new Augean behaviours framework, which we subsequently helped to embed in all people management systems and processes.

The programme included seven workstreams that covered leadership visibility, customer focus, facilities, internal communications, customer feedback, employee engagement and systems and processes.

We also facilitated Management Board meetings to update on progress, Senior Management Team Conferences with workshops on cultural alignment, management behaviour workshops and site briefings for all employees across the country.

We also developed People Strategy to ensure the new culture would be fully adopted and embedded across the business and supported the successful Investors in People submission.

Impact of our work

The All Together Better culture change programme was successfully completed and embedded across the business with new branding implemented and all people management systems and process fully aligned. The annual business planning and management processes were updated to ensure this remained a business-as-usual focus, rather than a one-off activity.