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Transport | 100 Day Review

Growth Needs Assessment

Transpennine Express (TPE) is a Train Operating Company responsible for operating services across the North of England and into Scotland. The Franchise was taken into the Operator of Last Resort (Directly Operated Holdings Limited – DOHL) on 28th May 2023.

Upon transferring to DOHL one of the immediate priorities for the management team was to undertake a “100-day review” of the business and business plan in readiness to provide a report to the Secretary of State to reposition the business for it’s people, customers and stakeholders.

The “100-day review” period was a short window of opportunity to produce the required output, but also represented an opportunity for the management team to engage with colleagues across the business on the future plan.

Having previously supported Train Operating Company Northern through their strategic planning activities post transfer to DOHL, Journey4 were engaged to provide advisory and authoring support to TPE in running their “100-day review” process and producing a high quality report.

Business Development Director, Transpennine Express

Our approach

To address TPE’s requirements Journey4 scoped out the provision of consultancy expertise to support the TPE team in undertaking the “100-day review” and to author a professionally written and produced “100-day report” in line with the emerging requirements of the Director Group, DOHL Board and Secretary of State.

The “100-day review” was structured around 3 priority themes for the TPE business as part of re-establishing it and setting the Vision for the future:

  1. Stabilisation
  2. Re-engaging People & Customers; and
  3. Transformation.

We worked in partnership with the management team to build on these priorities through a structured review, production and colleague engagement process that involved:

  1. Attending and providing advisory support to Steering Group, Director Group and Project meetings,
  2. Working with internal writers to develop, check and quality assure written report materials, and
  3. Bringing together separate inputs into a single, coherent and visionary 100-day “Prospectus” document ready for publication.

Impact of our work

We were able to provide quality advice to the TPE team using our experience of the scenario TPE faced and, crucially, integrate our resources into the team to foster a partnership approach to ensure that it was very much the business’s review and report, not something that was “done to” them.

The critical output was a professionally produced “Prospectus” document setting out the Vision and priorities for TPE in resetting the business and transforming its services for its customers – the Prospectus has been formally published and provides customers, colleagues and stakeholder with a clear view of the management team’s ambition for the organisation.

A copy of the TPE Prospectus: Making Journeys Better – can be found here along with the associated news story –