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Building Customer Confidence in Public Transport

As we all know, the Coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on our movement.  This has resulted in significantly reduced customer confidence and demand for public transport services across all modes.

It is now becoming clear that these changes are not likely to be just a short-term blip.  Future travel behaviours will be significantly different.

Journey4 has considerable experience of the transport sector, and of understanding and changing customer behaviour in other public service sectors. We have set out our thoughts on these likely changes and how the public transport industry could respond to them.

We have now published two papers:

  • How transport operators can better engage with customers to improve confidence.
  • How businesses can assess how their employees attitudes to using public transport may have changed and what this means in terms of their business operations and premises.

We are engaging with operators and businesses on engagement and re-mobilisation programmes to steer them with more confidence through these changed times.

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