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Assessing Future Travel Behaviours

Journey4 are pleased to announce the launch of a new technique to assess future travel behaviour on public transport. In partnership with research and insight specialists The Buzzz, we have developed an employee survey which will help transport commissioners and operators understand the likely short-term demand for services.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced companies and their employees to operate differently under strict lockdown measures. After more than 15 weeks operating under these unprecedented conditions, UK businesses have learnt to adapt and change their business models.

These changes, and individual responses to the pandemic, will inevitably impact travel behaviour and commuting to work for some time to come.

With lockdown easing, businesses are considering new ways of managing the process of work. Now is the time to engage businesses and employees to understand their views on public transport as they actively plan a return to work.

In particular, the level of confidence felt by the travelling public as working life returns will be a key variable to understand and track over time.

The employee survey is designed to better understand likely user behaviour and confidence in the short-term (0-6 months) and responses to a couple of likely future scenarios over a 6 to 12-month horizon.

The survey will be of value to commissioners and operators of public transport services. It adopts a ‘wisdom of crowds’ approach to provide a quick, cost-effective alternative to a full user survey with a similar degree of confidence in the findings. It can be easily repeated after 6 months to assess further likely changes in behaviour.

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