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A Record-Breaking World Values Day!

On 15th October 2020, Journey4 took part in a record-breaking World Values Day, which this year reached further around the globe, with the #WorldValuesDay hashtag potentially showing up on 75 million Twitter feeds in 67 countries!

Our other social media channels were also very active, particularly LinkedIn, which this year showed record activity both before and on the day. The Journey4 team posted their own contribution on Twitter and LinkedIn with a video that showed what our values mean to us.

This year, the World Values movement inspired people around the world to act on their values and to consider their importance in our lives. Caring environments where values are constantly being put into action such as hospitals, hospices, care homes and schools featured prominently, with a stream of photos and selfies posted throughout the day.

Groups and organisations (large and small, public and private, charitable and commercial) also took part in the day, including well known businesses such as Volvo, Korn Ferry, PWC and KPMG – and of course Journey4!

Go to the World Values Day report on the event if you want to find out more.