What We Do


We deliver customer driven growth. Our services are organised across 4 key areas centred on the customer:

  • Customer – meeting customer expectations
  • Strategy – aligning strategy with customer needs
  • People – engaging and energising people
  • Performance – delivering sustainable growth

We help your business achieve its potential, meet its customers’ expectations, and gain an advantage over your competitors. We will engage and motivate your people and implement effective change to develop long term profitable growth in your organisation.

How We Work

We recognise that every client is different. We bring experience gained from having been there ourselves. We engage with all key stakeholders in understanding the need for change and develop the strategy that will deliver growth.

Our unique growth and transformation framework, known as the 4E’s, guides and defines the delivery of our services and underpins our operating philosophy.

Why Choose Us?


We place the customer at the centre of your business and ensure they are the focus of people and processes at all levels of the organisation.


We know what is it like to walk in our client’s shoes. Our Directors have more than 30 years commercial experience gained across different business sectors with a strong track record for delivering long-term sustained growth.


We don’t just write strategies and plans and leave you to get on with it, we roll up our sleeves and implement change. We are flexible in our approach and able to work alongside you for as long as required in the way that works best for you.


We build your capability not ours with skills and knowledge transfer built in to our approach to ensure you can sustain the growth long after we have gone.


Established in 2002 and delivered successful outcomes in Utilities, Transport, Healthcare and Business Outsourcing.

Our Values

Journey4 Values

The values describe how we conduct ourselves in business and set the expectation for our customers and our partners about what we are like to work with. These values are translated, via our beliefs into behaviours that we expect to be held accountable to.