Meet our team

We are experienced business leaders with a focus on marketing and people, which we believe are the two essential components for customer-led growth. Our complementary experience has been gained in senior board roles including Chairman, Non-Executive Director, Chief Executive, Managing Director, Transformation Director, Operations Director and Sales & Marketing Director.

The Directors of Journey4 have known each other for over 30 years; we trust and rely on one another and this relationship extends to our clients. We work closely with you to get under the skin of your business, engage with your customers and work alongside your people. We are in this together and we enjoy what we do.

Jonathan Booth


Jonathan is an experienced Change and Transformation Director with 30 years’ experience managing customer-driven transformation in commercial and public service environments. His key skills include customer-focused strategy development, change management, leadership coaching, employee engagement, service improvement and culture change.

Stuart Pearce


Stuart is an experienced Chief Executive and Managing Director with more than 30 years’ commercial experience and a strong track record of delivering growth and transforming business performance in a wide range of organisations. His background is in sales and marketing and his key skills include strategic planning and market analysis, strategic marketing, product management, leadership development, building high performance sales teams and management teams.

Stuart Pearce - Journey4


We have an exceptional team of talented experts in the field of Customer, Strategy, People and Performance. Each member of the team provides experience and insight in their respective area of expertise, but collectively the value that they bring is greater than the sum of the parts.

Jayne Barr

Customer Lead

Jayne is a commercially-minded creative thinker and practitioner and has 20+ years’ experience in the marketing communications industry. Her breadth and depth of experience gives both objectivity and inside knowledge and has enabled Jayne to develop her defining characteristic: a unique 360 degree perspective.

Jayne Barr - Journey4

Andrew Manning

Strategy Lead

Andrew is an experienced Chair, NED, CEO and MD, with 30 years’ experience across a range of service industries. His key skills are in leadership, governance, strategic planning and execution, change management, finance, and service development. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and has written a book about value creation in service organisations.

Andrew Manning - Journey4

Fiona Irvine

People Lead

Fiona is an experienced and award winning HR professional. She has more than 20 years senior level experience with leading international businesses and her key areas of expertise include HR strategy, performance appraisal, people systems and processes and culture change. For the past eight years Fiona has focussed on delivering transformational change in service industries.

Fiona Irvine - Journey4

David Kempster

Communications Lead

David is a seasoned strategic marketing professional with 30 years experience across a variety of sectors, including automotive, web applications, legal services, geospatial data, publishing and environmental consulting.

He offers expertise in commercial marketing strategy, brand positioning and market growth, communications and campaign management and product launch.


As thought leaders in customer-driven growth and transformation we are proud to work with organisations that are not only exceptional in what they do, offering complimentary services to our own, but also share our core values. We work closely with our ‘Partners’ combining where we can deliver extra value to our clients. We are pleased to be associated with the following companies who we have no hesitation in promoting to you.

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Growth & Transformation Group

Journey4 are proud to be a founder member of the ‘Growth and Transformation Group’ a network of professional service providers in the south west region, aimed at supporting businesses engaged on the Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear build project in Somerset. The Group is focused on helping businesses deliver growth and thrive during periods of unprecedented change, helping them transform and meet the challenges of the future. The Group is able to support Tier1 contractors and their sub-contractors as well as the new commercial partnerships established to deliver services to HPC.

More about the Growth & Transformation Group


Each year we donate 1% of net profit to charities of our choice.

In addition, we spend 1 or 2 days per month supporting charitable and community-based activities.