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Growth needs assessment

Our client provided the engineering and facilities management services to all Royal Mail’s depots, sorting offices and staff offices in England and Wales, employing 4,300 staff. As part of the re-negotiation of a long term contract, The Royal Mail were seeking improvements to the customer experience and transformational change above and beyond the existing contract.

“Journey worked with me and the Exec Team helping us to understand the customer experience and how it could be improved, working with our key client to agree this change as part of a major contract renegotiation. A stand-out strength of Journey’s approach was enabling us to engage our employees in designing and implementing the service transformation required.”

Managing Director, Romec Ltd
Customer led growth strategy

As our introduction to Romec coincided with the negotiation of a new 10-year contract for the Royal Mail services, we worked on two-levels. Firstly, we became part of the renegotiation team to ensure that the customers’ expectations were at the heart of the new contract and secondly, we worked with the Romec leadership team to start to implement the changes, particularly in culture, that would be required to effectively respond to the customers’ needs.

We worked with the Executive Team and a Working Group of selected senior managers to update the Vision, Values and Strategy which were subsequently launched under the ‘One Team, One Vision’ brand.

We used our own framework for managing and growing service organisations, the 4E’s framework, to identify the sort of areas that would have to change to develop a more customer-focused service and culture and we used our Organisational Alignment model for Vision, Values and Strategy development. Following the initial Customer Insight and Employee Insight work, we undertook Vision, Values and Strategy development, Behaviours Development, Service Development and Internal Communications work.

What was the Impact of our work?

Most importantly, our client secured a major new contract and Journey4 was credited with playing a significant role in the re-negotiation and in demonstrating the organisation could become more customer-focused.

A business transformation programme was developed out of the Vision, Values and Strategy work. This programme, which we helped to shape, delivered a successful transformation in service delivery and the proactive service that the customer wanted.

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