involving key stakeholders in understanding the need for change and developing the strategy that will deliver growth


implementing service improvement plans and building the momentum for ongoing change


ensuring alignment across the organisation, from the culture of the employees to the systems and processes that support them


identifying the key measures of success and ensuring they are monitored at all stages of the transformation process

About Us

We are experts in customer-led growth and transformation. We don’t just put the customer first, we ensure the whole organisation is aligned to meet customer expectations.

We know what is it like to walk in our client’s shoes. We use this experience to develop clear and simple strategies and then roll up our sleeves to implement change alongside you. We build your capability not ours to ensure you can sustain the growth long after we have gone.

We have developed our own unique approach for managing and transforming organisations which we call the 4Es. This recognises that our clients are on a ‘journey’ and we guide them through ‘4’ steps – Engage, Energise, Embed, Evaluate.

Journey4 Ex4


  • We all have values: principles or standards that determine what is important to us and what we stand for. We may not consciously think about the...

  • Most business change initiatives fail to achieve their original objectives with poor leadership usually cited as the culprit. Director Jonathan ...

Why Choose Us?


We don’t just put the customer first and central to the business, we ensure the customer is the focus of people and processes at all levels in the organisation.


We know what is it like to walk in our client’s shoes. 30 years commercial business experience gained across different sectors. Our core skills are in Marketing and People the two essential components for long-term sustained growth.


We don’t just write strategies and plans and leave you to get on with it, we roll up our sleeves and implement change. We offer flexible working and charging arrangements to be able to work alongside you for as long as required in the way that works best for you.


We build your capability not ours with skills and knowledge transfer built in to our approach to ensure you can sustain the growth long after we have gone.


Established in 2002 and delivered successful outcomes in Healthcare, Transport, Information Services and Business services.

Our Values

Journey4 Values

The values describe how we conduct ourselves in business and set the expectation for our customers and our partners about what we are like to work with. These values are translated, via our beliefs into behaviours that we expect to be held accountable to.